Parametric Product Design

Algorithmic Thinking


HIT- Holon Institute of Technology




M.Arch Ran Shabtay

Arch. Yoav Ronat

Aims and Scope

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Non LInear Logics

Parametric Industrial Design Process

First collaboration between Studio Chimera and the HIT (Holon Institute of Technology)



A special introduction workshop for parametric design and planning, which includes two sessions of 6 hours each - a total of 12 hours of study. To give the participants practical tools to begin working in parametric environments.
Nonlinear methods gives the designer a set of powerful tools to express his ideas
In all stages of the design - from the sketch stage to the final production

The transformation into the nonlinear design processes, improves the creativity of the design, the quality of the final product, its complexity, the material it made of, and the level of intelligence it contains. It is an advanced thinking style based on digitization, computing, advanced software, precise scientific processes, programming, and code.The nonlinear parametric design stretches the boundaries of the form and material production, producing controlled forms and geometries

Using parameters (which we define, map, and descend deep).
The workshop will give participants an introduction to the parametric planning tools in the GRASSHOPPER and KEYSHOT environments.
Advanced skills and planning methods, complex geometries, and working experience with 3D software Advanced, design, and design objects, mechanisms, and envelopes based on digital mappings and code.

The purpose of the workshop is to understand in depth and develop the relationship between precise knowledge (data) Mechanism and envelope. At the end of the workshop, each participant will develop and design a personal project based on the knowledge he acquired at the workshop.

What will participants learn?
Parametric design techniques
- Thinking and understanding of nonlinear design processes
- Systems Paneling Complex
- Representative tools for DATA and VISUAL
Performance driven design -
- Soft geometries, and smart shapes
- Advanced 3D modeling and rendering techniques