Encrypted Rome 2050


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***The project was presented in 2018 and the MAXII museum, in Rome, Italy


This project presents a search method reflecting on theories of social behavior. This project's aim is to introduce and explore how the interactions of heterogeneous individuals impact the wider behavior of social/ spatial systems. In this project, we introduce agent-based modeling and its utility for studying hybrid and spatial systems and aim to create models capable of capturing and incorporating human behavior. The implementation of ABM opens new possibilities to simulate and analyze the processes derived from human expansion. This projects focus on interior spaces and offices floors as the key generators for the agent's behavior. This prototype aims to simulate and develop 4 sub-models, where planners, developers, and architects may create their specific structures and functions of the agent’s occupation. In the more advanced phases of the project, we use machine learning and AI tools to get more complex agents and more “real” behaviors that are unique to humans. The models are highly flexible and can be applied to alternative and areas for further study. They can also be used in different scales and numbers.


This project discusses the role of Artificial Intelligence in modelling and simulation. AI is the field of computer science that attempts to contract computer systems that emulate human problem-solving behavior with the goal of understanding human intelligence. Those modeling and simulation techniques present fundamental approaches.


Climate change, resource depletion, and worldwide urbanization feed the demand for more energy- and resource-efficient buildings. Increasingly, architectural designers and consultants analyze buildings’ designs with easy-to-use simulation tools. This project creates new alternatives for performance and design based on new tool development as well as Artificial Intelligence tools used for engineering and architectural design, analysis, and manufacturing.  


Encrypted Rome 2050





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