In our passion and curiosity to develop and explore the computational and parametric design fields, we led various types of workshops of different themes and environments, in order to enrich the theoretical discourse and provide practical tools to become a part of the computational and parametric design community.


These workshops take place at top Universities faculties, major league Architectural offices and our own studioCHIMERA.


Feel free contacting us for more information.

Digital Fabrication

Hands on digital fabrication methods and techniques to realize advanced geometries from model scale to 1:1 

Data Structures

Studying various ways to control and implement real raw data into the design through the conceptual phase to the front end 

Parametric Detailing

Exploring the possibilities of customized architectural details using the powerful tools of parametric design 

Urban Fields Systems

Implementing advanced computational tools and data management process into Urban scale design studies  

Advanced Geomtries

High-end modeling process that explores various parametric design tools to realize complex ideas and innovative thinking

Complex Patterning

Designing through algorithms and codes in order to implement program complexity into various planned projects 

Climate Changes

Integrating climatic data environments into complex architectural elements which can optimize and react in real time   

Surface Manipulations

Realizing complex environmental relationships through the means of computational data manipulations and restructuring

Texturing Materials

Experiment with advanced material and geometric analysis in order to manipulate material behavior and its physical performnace