Encoded Geometries

Pavilion Study 2.0

Patterns and Digital Fields

"Being inside a parametric system means, being in a system that can be changed at any given moment, it is a flexibility that represents the inspiration to pursue the perfect sensation, order, and logic".  N. Larsen


In this upcoming workshop, the participants will develop a small scale Pavilion through the means of generative parametric design methods, while learning various visual coding techniques, useful tools, and practical skill sets. 

We'll investigate the design through the subject of "Pattern and DIgital Fields"

-Patterns existed and began to develop from the beginning of time, through tribal rituals, through the Middle Ages, the beginning of Islam, the Renaissance, Asia and the Far East, Art Nevo, Art Deco and the Movement of Decoration. 


Patterns are a method of thinking and planning that requires a set of events, or objects that appear in a particular cycle or series. Patterns Create a sequence of events that generate fields and set new times definitions.



What will the Participants learn?


  • Parametric Design process and Techniques

  • Parametric non-linear thinking 

  • Data analysis & visualization

  • Custom made coding skills: Spiralling, Repetition, Tiling, Subdivision, Packing, Weaving. Branching. Blending, Cracking, Flocking, Force Fields and more. 

  • Performance driven design 

  • Smart and soft geometries

  • 3d modeling and Advanced rendering tools



Whom is it for?


Beginners and advanced users who wants to become professional








Participants are required to bring a laptop with Rhino 5.0 SR10+ (free for trial version) installed on their laptops and download and install the latest version of Grasshopper and the additional plugins (all free for download).



About the Studio:


StudioCHIMERA is an architectural studio founded by Architects Ran Shabtay and Yoav Ronat in order to create a multi-disciplinary platform, that explores the Parametric Architectural style and digital design through the means of workshops, lectures, collaborations, exhibitions and theoretical and practical research.



Workshops schedule:


A two-day workshop (Friday & Saturday) 10:00-16:00

every meeting is 6 hours

in total - 12 study hours


480 NIS for 12 Hours







7 Shadal St.

Tel Aviv, Israel



Advanced 3D Patterning Techniques


7 Shadal St.

Tel Aviv, Israel




M.Arch Ran Shabtay

Arch. Yoav Ronat